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John E. Lehman, RCM

John Lehman has been with Leonis Management for many years and has progressively built a reputation as one of the most respected Strata Property Agents and Consultant in our industry in British Columbia. In addition to his duties as a Managing Broker and Strata Property Agent of Leonis Management & Consultants Ltd., Mr. Lehman has also served as President of the Strata Property Agents Association of BC. He is frequently asked to provide input and participation in industry stakeholder matters. This experience and regard in the industry in turn, provides value to the many Strata Corporation clients of Leonis Management & Consultants Ltd. in the ongoing and often complex operation of their Strata Corporation.

Nancy Richardson-Lehman, RCM
Chief Financial Officer

Nancy Richardson-Lehman is a Managing Broker, licensed Strata Representative and RCM. Nancy's many years of experience in litigation and conveyancing matters prior to joining Leonis Management & Consultants has also provided a great depth of experience with regard to property matters and collection enforcement matters on behalf of Leonis Management & Consultants and its many Strata Corporation clients.

Chris Kandler BBA, CPA
Senior Controller

Chris Kandler, a Certified General Accountant, joined Leonis Management in 2012 as Controller. Chris is also licensed as a Strata Property Agent. He brings several years of experience as a member of a public accounting firm which among other things, specializes in Strata Corporation audits. Previously, Chris served as Senior Accountant and Assistant Controller in the strata management industry and brings that experience and knowledge to Leonis Management in both the day to day operations and also overseeing the accounting functions for the Strata Corporation clients.

Brenda Myers, CPA

Brenda joined Leonis Management in 2022 and comes with many years experience in the manufacturing industry. As a CPA, Brenda has taken on the role of overseeing the month to month accounting functions for our Strata Corporation clients as well as liaise with various Strata Councils to better serve their ongoing and often complex accounting needs.

David Stolk, RCM
Associate Broker/Strata Property Agent

David Stolk has been with Leonis Management for many years and has much experience in this industry. As well as a licensed Strata Property Agent, David is also an Associate Broker for Leonis Management. He is involved in the day-to-day property management and administration for our Strata Corporation clients as well as technical and procedural implementations within the company's operations.

Arthur Zhang
Associate Broker/Strata Property Agent

Arthur Zhang has now been with Leonis Management over 10 years and progressed to an active role as Associate Broker with the firm. Joining Leonis has enabled him to work closer to home and as a father of young children, to achieve a better work/home life balance. In addition to his Strata Administration experience in British Columbia, Arthur also brings experience in the same field from New Zealand where he also worked as a property manager for a large firm in Auckland. With a background in the study of law, Arthur understands very well the mechanics of the Strata Property Act and other pertinent legislation governing Strata Corporations today. In addition to English, Arthur is also fluent in Mandarin.

James Howells, RCM
Strata Property Agent

James Howells has been with Leonis Management for many years as a Strata Property Agent and has provided sound, consistent service to our client Strata Corporations over his tenure with our company. James is well respected by our staff and client Strata Corporations for his organizational skills, knowledge and experience in all facets of Strata Corporation administration. James also supports and mentors less senior Strata Property Agents with the Company.

Rob Elliott
Strata Property Agent

Rob Elliott joined Leonis Management in 2015 after working a number of years as a Strata Property Agent for another firm. Rob is a highly organized and detail oriented individual and brings a high level of service and care to our Strata Corporation clients. In Rob's years with Leonis, he has built a very good rapport with both clients, staff of Leonis and service providers for the Strata Corporations.

Grant Hastings
Associate Broker/Strata Property Agent

Grant has many years experience both as a Strata Property Agent and Associate Broker with Leonis Management as well as other companies. He continues to look after a portfolio for our Strata Corporation clients as well as being instrumental in mentoring less experienced agents with the Leonis Management team to help them gain valuable experience.

Jamie Stone
Strata Property Agent

Jamie Stone began her career with Leonis Management in an accounting position. Through her experience with strata accounting and love of the industry, Jamie turned her attention and education to becoming a licensed Strata Property Agent. Because of Jamie's accounting background, she is not only well versed in the Strata Property Act, she has a keen understanding of a Strata Corporation's finances. Jamie has developed a good rapport with our strata corporation clients as well as support staff within the office.

Jenny Lay
Strata Property Agent

Jenny Lay has many years experience in the Strata industry, previously specializing in Form F & B for realtor requests, law/notary firms and conveyances and also assisting with the Strata Property Agents in the day to day administration functions for our clients. As of 2022, Jenny is now a licensed Strata Property Agent and mentoring under senior agents to take on the role of an active Strata Agent for our clients.

Jodhvir Samra
Strata Property Agent

Travis Hill
Strata Property Agent

Roxene Carter
Payables Manager/Accounting

In addition to full cycle strata accounting, Roxene specializes in accounts payable and payroll for our Strata Corporation clients. Roxene has extensive knowledge in the day to day Strata Corporation accounting and is instrumental in assisting other members of the Leonis Management team and helping them also gain valuable experience.

Kelly Avey
Accounts Receivable Administrator/Accounting

Kelly joined Leonis Management in 2017 and at that time, brought with her several years of experience in full cycle accounting. In addition to full cycle strata accounting, she now specializes in accounts receivable. Kelly has extensive knowledge in the day to day Strata Corporation accounting as well as all facets of collections relating to the Strata Property Act and our Strata Corporation clients.

Kimberly Wintjes

Kimberly has been with Leonis Management for many years and manages the very busy role of reception. Between visitors to our office, many telephone calls each day, general inquiries and mail administration Kimberly provides consistent service to our clients on behalf of our company in ensuring inquiries are directed appropriately and mail both received bv the company and sent out by the company is handled efficiently and correctly.

Alicia Elliott

Vaishnavi Ramkalam