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Your strata property is a significant investment and may be your largest financial asset. When you require the services of highly qualified and experienced licensed Strata Property Agents to assist you in maintaining the value of your investment, you need look no further than Leonis Management & Consultants Ltd. Our team of professionals and support staff will work to help your Strata Corporation community navigate through the statutory requirements and to work closely with your Strata Council to ensure consistency of operations and financial well-being for your Strata Corporation.

Leonis Management has specialized in residential strata property administration for more than 35 years. We have extensive experience in the management of a very diverse portfolio of buildings from an 8 unit condominium building to very operationally complex high rise buildings to a townhouse community in excess of 450 units with extensive recreational facilities. We feel this to be a strength of our company in that we can accommodate and provide excellent service, accounting and administration to all types of Strata Corporations.

Our goal is to continue to provide excellent professional service in an honest and timely manner so that your asset is protected both physically and financially.

How We Make a Difference:

- Trusted financial management overseen by a CGA and qualified accounting staff;

- Licensed Strata Property Agents dedicated to client fulfillment with extensive training, support and supervision;

- Pro-active approach to building maintenance and management responsibilities with extensive experience in new construction as well as capital improvement and building envelope project management;

- We provide emergency contact service 24 hours per day/7 days per week;

- When you telephone our office during business hours, you will actually have your call answered by a "live" person. In today's technological world, this is now a rare function, however, we feel makes a difference to our clients.

Financial Services:

- Strata Fee Collection - collect all strata fees, special levies and miscellaneous charges, follow-up on collection of delinquent accounts and deposit all funds collected to your Strata Corporation's trust account;

- Payables - review and code all invoices in preparation for payment. Communicate and co-ordinate with the Strata Council all invoicing prior to the release of payables to ensure completed work of trades, suppliers, etc. Prepare and release payables as approved and to provide the Strata Council with an itemized payables listing each month;

- Payroll - Strata Corporation payroll systems are in place should your Strata Corporation require payroll services for a resident caretaker or other staff;

- Bank Reconciliations - reconcile all bank accounts monthly for the Strata Corporation and provide reconciled statements to the Strata Council;

- Contingency Reserve Fund - administer Contingency Reserve Funds in order to maximize the earning potential through a risk free instrument and work with the Strata Council to plan future requirements for their Contingency Reserve Fund;

- Financial Statements - prepare monthly financial statements for the Strata Corporation which are ready for distribution within the first few business days of month end;

- Collections - assist the Strata Corporation in the collection of delinquent accounts including monthly reminder statements up to demand letters and if necessary, the registration of a lien against a delinquent owner's strata lot. We have extensive experience in collection and foreclosure litigation and maintain a high success rate of collection against delinquent owners.

General Services:

- Records Office - provide a registered record's office for the Strata Corporation. Maintain an extensive filing system for each Strata Corporation client including all corporation Lists of Owners, correspondence, documents, legal and accounting files, etc.;

- Insurance Valuations - arrange for property valuations to ensure proper annual insurance coverages;

- Forms - completing and filing of appropriate forms under the Strata Property Act ie. Forms B, F and K, etc.

- Bylaws - Arrange for the registration of all Strata Corporation Bylaw amendments in the Land Title Office. Maintain an amalgamated computerized version of all Strata Corporation Bylaws and Rules and the ongoing maintenance of updates;

- Welcome Letters to New Owners - Prepare and send out to all new owners a welcome letter package indicating information pertinent to your Strata Corporation;

Property Management Services:

- Liaise and work with the Strata Council on an ongoing basis for the smooth operation of your Strata Corporation;

- Prepare and provide for review a projected Annual Budget and Schedule of Strata Fees. Work with the Strata Council during the budgeting process, capital planning and Contingency Reserve Fund requirements and finalize budget for presentation to Owners at an Annual General Meeting;

- Attendance regular Strata Council meetings and work with Council to undertake direction and directives as a result of any given meeting;

- Assist the Strata Council in the drafting and preparation of Strata Corporation policies and Bylaw creation;

- Preparation for and attendance at all Annual General Meetings and as necessary, all Special General Meetings;

- Arrange for competitively priced repair and maintenance work as directed by the Strata Council including the administration of ongoing contracts;

- Prepare correspondence to Owners as necessary under advisement to the Strata Council;

- Assist with the administration of any special projects undertaken by a Strata Corporation;

- Prepare notices, agenda and required information for the Annual General and any Special General Meetings. Attend to organize meeting times and venues.

- Generally, to liaise with the Strata Council and the Owners to ensure consistency in communication and operations which in turn, will provide peace of mind and stability within each Strata Corporation Community.